16 augusti 2012


Again... finally got my own page. So just click on the new adress. Much Love Nazanin


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4 juli 2012


...Hello finest.se

I'm changing blog address. I really and truly hope that all of you will still be a part of my writing at my new blogaddress.


See you there friends

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3 juli 2012

Free your feet

And that's exactly what I did. I personally HATE HATE HATE feet. I find then extremely disgusting and icky. I don't go to get medical foot care that often, even feel uncomfortable when others touch my feet. My problem is that I get dry feet soooo easily. The positive thing about that is that bad foot odor or sweaty feet are never my problem. Now that the stomach is really big it's a pain to moist my feet after a long shower, so thankfully I have a wonderful man who gives me a nice footmassage now and then. And as I said, I'm down to scraping my products so a new foot cream was in order.and I can strongly recommend school's feet products. The soap smells AMAZING, The cream is the best, specially for my dry feet, and the foot file made of pumice stone is not hard to use or neither to rough on your feet. Right now you get all these products and a little plastic "container" to work as a foot bath for 300 krones at their store on djäknegatan.

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2 juli 2012


Today I went for my routine checkup at my midwife. Apparently I have only gained 8 kilos so far during this pregnancy. But not to forget that I had already gained quite a bit before I got pregnant. But still... that's a relieve! With Nicole I games totally 14 kilos. But I was much thinner before I got pregnant. Now I'm in week 35 which means only 5 weeks left!! Can't wait!!! I asked my midwife that if I don't give birth on set sate, can they help me start the labour? She just looked at me and said: please don't start thinking about that already.. don't do that to your self, we'll take one week at time now. Haha... I guess she knows me a little bit to well by now :p

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1 juli 2012

early start

This day started early with activities here in the "hood " and we have just paused half way by napping and now were continuing. Tonight maybe I will give birth to a melon (pain vise).

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shake shake bom bom!!

Today there was this skate competition here at Västra hamnen, the music was playing loud, they were handing out free redbull energy drinks and people were in a good mood. So me and Nicole sat and watched among others for a while. And the hole morning/day she was singing shake shake bom bom and shaking her little behind, so she felt like she had to continue when we were in a big crowd. Of course she loves being the centre of attention, and oh meeeeen the faces she made when she was shaking and dancing in the crowd. Hahaha!!! As my sister always says.. she should be a actress for sure. When she started do so gymnastics right there with the skaters I thought it was time for us to go home  :P

We finished the day with a nice barbeque in the sun. Unfortunately all this activity have result in feeling the "somebody have kicked me between my legs and in my uterus" pain right now. Let's see if a little bit of sleep will magicly take away the pain.

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Nazanins how to save money school

How come we're out of EVERYTHING that have to do with sanitary in one way or another. All my facial products are down to their last week, all the cleansing sprays, shampoo, conditioner, dishwasher machine tablets, toothpaste, floor cleaner, bleetch, hair product, razors... yeah well you name it!!! We usually buy LOADS so we do not have to think about it for a while. The cleaning stuff for our home and shower "stuff" do we usually buy from Ö&B, it's so damn cheap there. And this time I'm actually gonna try ordering my facial stuff from the net. And here in Malmö we have this "market" place or what ever who sells REALLY cheap stuff, stuff like razors, make-up and other stuff. So I'm gonna save a couple of hundred bucks. Nothing wrong with that, specially when your about to stay at home with your baby for a year. I'll give you more details on how much you actually can save by shopping like this when my shopping is finished.

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30 juni 2012

advise from me to you

This is something that have made my kitchen much more organized and keeps my kitchen much cleaner. All these "tools" are from ikea. The price is cheap and worth every "penny". Just LOVE IT!!!! Once you go organisation freak you never go back:)

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29 juni 2012


I actually love the fact that after 9,5 years I still wanna look good, sensual and sexy for my husband. When ever I put on something nice or put on my eyeliner and lipstick I imagine that when he looks at me he will give me that look, that look where I can see he desires me. I hope we will never loose that.

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pimp my bugaboo

We own two bugaboos. We did not sell one if them (the older model) because we thought it can come handy if we ever want to go out with to separate trolleys at the same time now that were about to become two children parents:). And I have to say that I absolutely love and adore bugaboo. The best trolley there is in my opinion. You can change small parts that breaks, and "pimp" up your troll with different colors so easily. We have like five different colors to switch between and it's really fun actually. So with the new baby we have a new off white top for the bugaboo. Bugaboo often comes out with limited edition colors. A while ago I saw this one... blue chassi and orange rhymes on the wheels. I thought that this was the ugliest color they ever came out with. And today I got to really try out their bugaboo donkey, which is their twin trolly. WOW...I really recommend that one if you ha e a small child and another one on the way.

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on of my favourite things....

...is to open up the windows in the balcony and sit there in quite with A couple of magazines and news paper. So relaxing and nice, specially with the outside "noise". Just love it!! And no I'm not being ironic, I love the fact that we don't live so high up and I love it even MORE that there are so many people here at summer time, taking walks, barbequing, enjoying the view and sunset at night and swimming. Even though I'm not a big fan of seagulls I actually enjoy the sound of them. It just gives me such a "ocean" feeling. Except 4 in the morning, then they sound like a bunch of monkeys going wild. Then at winter time it's totally opposite, white, calm and quit. Just live it!!!

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28 juni 2012

Yeah baby

For the first time in days today I did not feel like somebody had fly kicked me in my uterus and between my legs with military boots. So that meant a day well spent. First me and Nicole had our nails and toes done and the same color, then some playtime with her cousins Martin, Natalie and Donya who's visiting from Stockholm. Later me, M, Nicole and my other baby cousin Dani( Donyas older brother) went to town for some stuff we had to do and a niiiiice steak dinner at Mando followed by 2 BIG scoops of icecream at Rönneholms glass. Now I'm sitting on the couch in a coma. Soooo nice to not be in pain for a change. So I have to celebrate that with some ballerina cookies;)

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26 juni 2012

Rasberry leaf-tea, hokus pokus????

Text taken from babycentre: Raspberry leaf tea is thought to tone the muscles of your uterus (womb) to help it work better during labour. The idea is not so much to speed up your labour, but to help it to progress at a nice, steady pace. Because raspberry leaf tea takes several weeks to accumulate in your body, it won't work to bring on labour if you are overdue. 

So folks...let's hope with every bone in my body that this will have an impact when the day comes that baby girl is gonna come out!! Fingers and toes crossed!

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summer fruits

I could literally live on summerfruits!!

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I'm alive

Hello! I'm still alive, still pregnant... and very much so!

The only thing I can think about is a nice vacation. As soon as our baby girl decides to come to us and as soon as were on our feet (3,4 months after birth) we just HAVE TO go on a vacation for a week somewhere we can just lay in the sun, get all salty from the sea then cool off in the pool... and least but not last, feel sand between our toes!

The picture is taken when me and M were in the Canaries one year before Nicole were born. We found a golden little beach with turcose water and white silk sand. A place hidden only 20 minutes walking from our hotel. A place with no Scandinavian turists, a place where the Spanish people from main land cane to visit. It was just wonderful!!!

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21 juni 2012

super women

So now I've almost reached week 34 in my pregnancy. And in just five days I've been to the hospital twice because of premature labour pain. Last night they said that because I've reached week 34 they don't do anything to prevent a premature birth. So just "hang in there". Strict orders about resting, but that's really not so easy when you have a baby girl who's 3 years old, a dog and just a habit to HAVE TO HAVE a clean home. And it hurts anyway when I rest so....??? Sick and tired of this with other words. Sometimes I feel like a really bad mother for complaining about my pregnancy, but I have to tell my self all the time that my pregnancy is not our baby. It's so typical us mother's to feel a constant need to be the best or at least VERY GOOD at everything, specially when it comes to our family. We have to stay strong in all situations, pretend that we are happy ALL the time. We LOVE taking care of our family, even if it means doing everything by your self. And on top of that taking care of our selfs. Going to the gym, wax every hair no man wants to se, put on makeup, wear proper clothes and not mope!! You know what....FUCK THAT SHIT!!!! I'm no fucking robot, I'm not a stepford wife and I know for sure that I will never be happy if I pretend!!! If you recognise your self in more than 80% of the words your just red, then I suggest you start thinking a little more about what's REAL in your life, and not the pretend part. Here's my reality. Me and my husband fight from time to time, so far we have managed to patch it together. Sometimes I don't shave my legs for two three weeks. I think it's fucking bullshit that women have to suffer so much making a family while our men thinks that a slap in the balls can be compared to child labour!!!!!!! A super women is only what your own definition of super is. So if your definition of super is really wicked and unreachable then I suggest you change your own way of thinking to start with. Then you'll see...you will be super!!!

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18 juni 2012

royal breakfast

Sleep over at mother in law. That means family time and once again great Persian food and a top notch breakfast

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15 juni 2012

Let's be positive!!!

As some of you know I've had a terrible fear of giving birth this time around. So bad that I can lay awake for hours at night and think: how the HELL am I gonna do this???? At some point I even considered cesarean. Thank God I ruled out that option pretty quickly. So my midwife sent me to a group they have in the hospital for women with fear of birth, or those who want to have cesarean, because in Sweden that's not a choice you make your self, the state have to decide if your fare is that bad that you have to have an cesarean instead of giving birth naturally. And that is after months of sessions with physiologists and doctors. So anyway, I went there yesterday and WOW that was great. It was miraculously good! In so much calmer right now and by fear is not even that bad anymore. Apparently they had made some mistakes last time when I gave birth. Mistakes like: wanting me to try walk around when I was in such pain after so many hours. That they did not tell me to take epidural when I came in the second time. Letting me suffer so damn much. That no one helped me in the right way to show how to breast feed after birth, which resulted in me suffering so much when I breast fed my child. At two points she even apologized for her colleagues. So now she made a long list of ORDERS on how they should take care of me when I come in. Imagine that they actually can do that. Man it feels great!!!

And today I went for my regular control at my midwife. She said that the baby's head is REALLY far down, so I really have to watch my self. Bed rest and no physical afford. That sucks BIG TIME! so now it's just time to shut my legs real tight and hope for the best!

But mentally, I feel SOOOOO much better. And I'm much more positive now!! I really want this experience to be wonderful!


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14 juni 2012

Dinner at mother in-law!

Persian food, what can I say?? Heaven for your taste buns!

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